Rumors, hoaxes and myths of the week, then I tell you how to sort through it

I need a name for these weekly wrapups of activity. Suggestions?

Good week for crossovers. My post on Slenderman (Slender Man?) did well with the paranormal crowd. I’ll be working with some experts to develop another piece on this relating to pop culture. Looking forward to doing that.

I was able to connect with the local Bigfoot investigation group after a rumor broke that a Bigfoot was shot near Altoona. Turned out to be a bust. As is typical. The Bigfoot community is especially awash with hoaxes to the point that you can not take anything serious. I wrote about this for Huffington Post. That post got many positive comments and was passed on via social media. I was happy to see that. It’s really important to pass on things you like so they reach the maximum audience. Nothing is as depressing as doing a lot of work and having it go no where.

Therefore, I’m thinking about book projects… 🙂

Also announced this week, I’m travelling to Los Angeles at the end of the month to give a workshop presentation called “I Doubt That: The Media Guide to Skepticism” at the JREF headquarters in Hollywood. I can’t wait to meet up with my left coast friends. The video will eventually be posted on line but I really want people to come and hang out with me.

On this week’s Virtual Skeptics, we had guest Ben Radford who revealed his hatred for the Zimbabwean president and we had some general good times, as usual. Check it out. I guarantee you will learn something entire new about history, culture, robots and science.

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