Sad state here and abroad

I felt very sad when hearing of the death of Benazir Bhutto. I admired her extreme courage and determination, her vision and her cause. The world has lost a powerful leader who happened to be a woman.

I’m sad on many fronts these days, nearing the end of this year. I have a completely illogical aversion to odd numbers and 2007 did not bode well from the start. I still fear for the coming year with the election and disgusting hype that comes along with it.

These days, I’m as certain as a scientist could reasonably feel “certain” that history will remember the Bush – The Sequel years as the darkest time of U.S. politics. We’ve lost so much, including our way.

I long for a day when religion won’t play a part in politics. I’m terrified at the thought that we might continue on the road to Christian facsism. In 2008, I wish for freedom and tolerance around the world. I wish I could do more than wish about it. I contacted my Congresspersons many times but they seem to be deaf, dumb and blind. It makes me very worried. We’ve let the executives of politics and business lead us far off the best path and the sheeple followed without thought, cheering.

So, 2007 ends with sadness about the state of the country and the whole world. There is some hope: I am glad to see greater acceptance of environmental consciousness and of atheism. It’s a good thing we change the calendar at some arbitrary marker so we can at least get just some sense, however contrived, that there is a chance to regroup and move forward.

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