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I sort of stole “Doubt and About” from a previous CFI column by Chris Mooney. But he hasn’t posted there since mid-2006. There must be an expiration date on good titles so they can be recycled. If he doesn’t like it, I’ll change it. Promise.

I wrote a Huff Post piece called Weird Word Salad: The Terminology of the Unexplained. I have previously looked at the differences between the words paranormal/supernatural and other similar words. I think they are misused a lot so I clarified their meaning. The problem with words is that people use them how they WANT them to be used and you really can’t stop it. But, in case anyone was interested…

This week my post on the evolution video got huge hits thanks to a link by the Richard Dawkins Foundation on Facebook.

I spent the week researching some other supernatural things for an upcoming Sounds Sciencey blog piece. And I collected three interviews that will go into another piece on Slenderman. Good stuff coming up.

I got some invites for podcast interviews and a request to come to Europe! Yeah, I’d like to get planning that Euro-trip for sure. I have a passport burning a hole through the fire-safe box since I got it.

But find me in Los Angeles next weekend for a JREF workshop and meetup. YAAAY!!!

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 11.12.11 AM

PostScript: I actually do have a lot to say about the Women in Secularism conference and the resulting wave of outrage or cheers depending on your tribe. But I only have one thing to say about it here since I’m not inclined to work on it right now due to how complicated it is and how much crap will be slung regarding it: Tweeting/blogging the outrage will not solve it but can only make things worse.

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