Should I have been a sociologist?

It was not with conscious intent. It evolved organically. I want to know how and why a group functions the way it does (or doesn’t). First, I studied paranormal investigators, or what I called ARIGs – amateur research and investigation groups. One particular aspect I focused on was how these activities appeared to enhance their lives.  I’ve always been interested in why people believe weird things. I think I understand a bit about why religious, paranormal, and superstitious beliefs play such a dominant role in human society. Of course, there is much left to learn.

Regarding the skeptical community, I started noticing pathologies and problems, groupthink and misplaced focus. Why did this happen and what happens next?

In a Fortean group, I asked about sharing questionable “news” sites – does accuracy matter?


I’m afraid I may have turned into one of those annoying people who picks up the rocks and points out what’s underneath. That is, I might ask the “wrong” questions, the ones that can’t be answered very neatly, or point out an unpleasant observation, and that may end up in a bit of mess. Don’t misconstrue my intentions as if I’m there to deliberately stir up trouble. Really, I’m not. I want to understand so I have to ask a particular audience – whether that be paranormalists or Forteans or the general public. A skeptical approach is useful in digging deeper into a subject, from a new direction.  It can obviously be an unwanted approach.

I wonder if I’d get the same responses were I male.  *shrugs* Oh well.

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  1. Male skeptics have asked good questions too, they’ve raised wonderful points and politely invited the rest of the world to consider the question, maybe to answer it.
    They have to hear the fucking tumble-weeds roll by as they await a response as well.
    I’ve run into the kind of problems you are speaking of in regard to my skepticism, it seems that sometimes I have painted myself into a corner with my logic. Other times it seems that I am the only one who realizes that I am not painted into a corner.
    But as I expressed on the ‘UFO conjectures’ blog recently, a little self-assessment and realization of one’s own faults is sooo good for me. I get to become a better skeptic as the the clock ticks.

    All the best,

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