Skeptical Women: What do you want in a leader?

I’m just thinking…

Who are our female role models? What qualities do women who are freethinking, critically minded, scientific and thoughtful want in a leader of a skeptical community? What qualities AREN’T you looking for? Does it matter by age?

I have my opinions and my role models – they embody courage, dignity and professionalism.

What are your thoughts?

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0 thoughts on “Skeptical Women: What do you want in a leader?

  1. I want them to:

    1. be honest.
    2. be professional (That doesn’t mean they have to be stuffy; just fair. See #1).
    3. be knowledgeable.
    4. care about the integrity of the work.
    5. share the values which the work is founded on (should be obvious, but fewer seem to qualify than one would think).

    …in no particular order.

    I started to list the people I could think of who fit this and just happen to be women, but the list got long and I was afraid of leaving people out. You were on it, though.

    1. Thanks, Barb. You must be on the list as well.

      I agree with these qualities. Long term effects are more important to me than short term attention.

  2. It seems like these days you have to have the short term attention in order to bring about long term effects, ideally it should be positive attention. Unfortunately, most people are drawn to negative attention so you have to weigh the pro’s and con’s of playing that game to move your agenda forward. I would say another good characteristic of a skeptical leader, male or female, should be a high level of intuition and common sense.

  3. Gutsy. It can be tough taking on religious folks. they are persistent, and they use intimidation to silence opposition. So one needs guts to take them on.

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