It was a terrible week. I have a very strong desire to lash out at some people I am angry with right now. The list is long.

But, I’m not going to do it. It’s not my place to judge (although that seems to be the trend). That is unprofessional and serves no purpose but to incite more animosity. WE KNOW that is the result. It happens every day.

If I could make a suggestion to those who actually listen instead of just enjoy inciting the crowd and getting applause… take a step back. Decide what is your goal. What is YOUR personal goal? Have you ever actually thought about how you wish to spend your time and effort? Perhaps find a way to discover things about the world, yourself and other people? Maybe actually do some research and provide a public service? Would it be so hard to be nice, to let go of your grudges, and to quit labeling people ‘haters’ as your full-time job? That’s been so productive, hasn’t it? It really wins people over to tell them to fuck off, doesn’t it?

How about recognizing others for their work? How about having some empathy? Taking constructive criticism? What happened to cooperation? What about subscribing to some common goals and projects? Here’s a concept — POSITIVE SKEPTICISM that actually helps people!!!

Nope. That’s so rare. Instead, we can cite a litany of really bad behavior over the past few years that has eroded good will and enthusiasm.

Good going, everyone. We deserve a hard smack for time and ground lost fighting and pissing off each other instead of cracking down on quackery, shams, and scams as a united force. Epic skeptic fail.

That’s all I have to say about that.

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  1. I made a point of spending time today with some of the believers I’ve helped. Just calling them, seeing how they were doing. I needed that badly. Then i drew an illustration of John Fuller, as it’s needed. But touching base with why we do this… was important.

  2. I am really glad the stories that have come out over the last week have come out, just so some of us can get some real perspective and understanding on what has actually happened, and what is hopefully going to now STOP happening.

    Of course, ‘the skeptic community’ can’t be blamed or held accountable for the actions of individuals, but hopefully from now on the community will be more supportive and understanding of those who have been assaulted and harassed. And more responsive to calls for help.

    That said, I otherwise completely agree that the only thing I can do, as an individual, is carry on working on the goals and objectives that brought me here in the first place. I want to make the internet a critical thinking tool, and revolutionise online education.

    I know what my goals are, and that is where my focus is. Hopefully we can all keep our eyes on the ultimate goal, and work towards a more rational future – on all fronts.

  3. I know exactly how you feel, Sharon. Matt and I have been huge supporters of skeptical endeavors in the past because we know the importance of “Positive Skepticism that actually helps people” (as you so beautifully worded it :). We’re very disappointed in this epic skeptic fail. As a result, we are only willing to support those endeavors, like yours, which we feel are having that positive impact.

    I know this mudslinging and rancor has been incredibly disheartening. Hang in there, Sharon. We need people like you who are willing to continue doing what we all should be doing – promoting skepticism in positive and productive ways.

  4. Sharon,

    You and I are on the same wavelength I think. And I agree with Kylie: Positive Skepticism for the win.


    Big fan of the work you do, and how you just did it to fill a need in the skeptic community. That’s how it should be done.

  5. Sharon,

    I’ve just read what was said and all I can say is, you’re doing the right thing, the best we can do now is just keep on doing what we do best, one person at a time.

  6. I see some have taken to outing people in various ways. That is not only disgusting but so insanely unprofessional.

    1. This whole business has left me feeling sick to the stomach, but the whole ‘name & shame’ thing is, well lets just say that I made that mistake once and ended up hurting someone close to me rather badly.

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