So sayeth the worshipful company of Virtual Skeptics

This episode was full of silly, as usual. Even thought it looked wonky during the broadcast, it actually was not in the final recorded episode below except for around 37 minutes where you see the “We’ll be right back!” message for about a minute.

But during the show, we had some great stuff. Bob doesn’t know much about basketball and obviously never watched Dancing with Stars which is where I learned of Mark Cuban. But, Bob made up for that by buying us all virtual presents. Eve has endowed us our own coat of arms. It’s a monstrous thing. And we have become the worshipful company of virtual skeptics. Because that just sounds awesome. HUZZAH!

I ramble on and on and on about Bigfoot stuff. I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

The show notes are available here.

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  1. To steal a line from Comic Book Guy in The Simpsons : There is no Emoticon to express my feelings !!. That’s probably for the best, though, anyway. I’ll try to think of an intelligent question or comment for the next time you guys are doing your thing. Tweet when you are getting ready to go on YouTube again.

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