Technical Difficulties – going solo Virtual Skeptics

Sorry, Google Hangout was NOT being cooperative this evening. Several people were having trouble. So I recorded my piece after.

It’s a real shame you didn’t see us crossing our finger, chanting voodoo curses, slamming the monitoring, and invoking the spirits of the elves to help solve our problems.

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0 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties – going solo Virtual Skeptics

  1. Well done. Congratulations on your recent successes. It’s a shame someone in the TV business doesn’t give you a job, instead of churning out the silly paranormal clap-trap crap. I, personally, would much rather be educated than “Mystified” by ghosties and space aliens.

  2. Good show Sharon. Upon hearing about the Karnataka astrology mess going on, my first thought was “Hmmm. How to tell the legitimate fakes from the rest….” It reminds me of attempts to pass laws in some parts of the US requiring the licensing of psychics, which also lends false credibility to their trade. May you have better luck with Google Hangout next show, at least to the extent that ‘luck’ actually exists.

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