The ‘You Decide’ gambit – new Sounds Sciencey piece

This was always a pet peeve of mine – a show or commercial presented a very biased or incomplete case and told viewers, “You decide”. It sounded so democratic and fair. They were just providing information. But the SMART COMPETENT viewer would be able to use common sense to come to the right conclusion.

Except it doesn’t work that way. Nearly everyone telling you a story is trying to help you see things their way. It’s skewed. No matter how strongly they assert “I’m not trying to make you a believer” they will add “But THIS happened to me.” Left unsaid is, “and if you don’t buy it, you think I’m either a liar or you are an idiot.”

I wrote a piece for Sounds Sciencey that addresses the tactics that are used in this calculated setup that ends with the words “You decide”.

Check it out here: Decisions, Decisions: The Problem with “You Decide.”

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0 thoughts on “The ‘You Decide’ gambit – new Sounds Sciencey piece

  1. Bravo – well thought out piece. My antennae are sure to come up now when I hear “you decide.” In fact, I need look no further than a particular national pseudo-news channel that proclaims “We report. You decide.”


  2. Great piece, Sharon. I’ve dealt with…and called people out on this topic. The latest was during my “debate” with a guy calling himself Orbdog. He, as well as his website, constantly spouted “You Decide!”.

    Again, great piece as always.

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