Two new videos

Recently posted are two videos from The Amazing Meeting 2013 (yes, 2013 but better late then never).

The first is me talking about the Doubtful News website and what it means to be an “honest broker”, a concept we can all utilize to present information.

The second is a presentation by Don Prothero then a panel discussion with Don, me, Daniel Loxton and Blake Smith. It’s about cryptozoology and their typical “abominable” standards for science and scholarship.


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  1. Thanks for the vids. I’m glad that the discussion of belief and why people believe things came up. My friend recently gave me a copy of ‘The Giant Book of the Unexplained’, edited by Damon Wilson. That friend thought that since i’m a sceptic, I would be more interested in it. Plus, the book called ‘The Giant Book of Villains’ was one I greatly enjoyed and was the source of my information about the original cat burglar, the subject of a previous comment of mine here.
    In ‘The Giant Book of the Unexplained, the list of sections and chapters was a mix of common beliefs, myths and wants, as we are used to in such publications. Vampires, Yeti, Bigfoot, Oak Island, the Bermuda triangle and such. They were good basic descriptions of the seeming rise of the belief but without any mention of research or inquiry into the myth that may have occurred in the last fifty odd years. I sighed deeply but continued to read. To my relief the last third of the book was devoted to the human condition and how easily we fool ourselves. The beginnings of physical research even gets a chapter and I was pleased.
    Last night I saw on television an advert for a new upcoming show, about fashion blogs. I rose to my feet in an instant, then with accusing finger pointed at my television and eyes ablaze, I yelled, “What about scientific, or sceptical, or scientifically sceptical blogs !!”

    All the best,

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