Water Witching (Snippet book review)

Water Witching USA (1st edition, 1959)
by Evon Z. Vogt and Ray Hyman

I just finished this book as part of research for a post on Spooky Geology. It is readable, thorough and convincing. Get it if you have any interest in the art of dowsing. No, dowsing doesn’t actually find water any better than guessing but you’ll find that is not always the major purpose for it. I don’t have time to do a comprehensive review but just to say it is very well worth having on your shelf as a geologist, scientist, sociologist, American history buff or critical thinker. The second edition was out in 2000.

Water Witching U.S.A.Water Witching U.S.A. by Evon Zartman Vogt (2nd edition)

Outstanding concise review of dowsing in America – what is it and why it is still used today. Every bit of this book still applies to rural American in the 21st century. People still swear by their dowsers and fail to understand why it’s superficially convincing and why it probably will never fully go away.

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