We can and we do

I just did an interview with the awesome Ms. Information, Donna Mugavero. We had a great time chatting. The result is up at SheThought.com here.

I’m a big fan of the Geologic Podcast, being a geologist and all… (I jest – you know the podcast has very little to do with geology). I recommend it.

Once I started thinking about it, I realized how many strong and successful women are around me. There is no stay-at-home, there is no “It’s too hard” or “I can’t do that.” We can and we do. It’s not easy, but putting up excuses are lame. I’m nervous about doing some things on my own, going someplace for the first time, being put on the spot, meeting the deadline. But, you do it and are better for it.

The women I’ve met don’t get bogged down by the obstacles, they go around or create a detour. OK, enough metaphors…you get the point. Just a note, I would love to name all the inspiring women I’ve met the past year but I couldn’t name them all. I’d invariably miss some. They take action, speak up, do podcasts, radio and TV shows, write blogs and articles, educate, arrange events, get higher degrees, lead, solve problems, create, share their stories, and give advice, support and encouragement. And, damn, they are too modest.

I have a few other interviews lined up with lovely ladies of critical thought. For a person who doesn’t like to pry into people’s lives or ask a favor, I’m getting used to asking questions. Over the past year, I’ve received positive feedback from getting out there and being a part of what’s going on.

Find your voice. Try it. It’s fun.

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