What would happen if MonsterQuest found something?

I’m wondering…

What would happen if a show like MonsterQuest actually discovered something interesting to science during one of their investigations? I mean, they find curious things sometimes – like a structure – but they just leave it behind without explanation. But, what if they REALLY filmed an animal. What would happen to the film? Would they announce it, show it beforehand, drum up a huge premier viewing event?

It hasn’t happened so I’m curious. When scientists run to the public before screening discovery through the scientific process, they often end up with egg on their faces (ahem, Pons & Fleishman, bigfoot carcass).

It seems that these TV crew investigations are too quick. They only spend a few days in the spot and are frequently put off by adverse weather. They never get the results they wish for. It seems a real shame to always come back empty-handed. (Yet they are undeterred in their belief.)

So, what do you think? What if these teams actually found something? What would happen then?

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  1. “drum up a huge premier viewing event”

    My guess is something along this line. The primary goal of shows like Monster Quest is, of course, to provide entertainment, not beacons of scientific rigor–though the illusion of scientific veracity is likely necessary for the believability or the entertainment value of these programs. Assuming one of the more interesting cryptids exists and a camera crew did get lucky, I imagine that the best we could hope for would be something like the “ultimate experience” that the Monster Quest genre could offer: it would be expensive, over-hyped and inextricable from the producers’ brand. I’ve no doubt that there would be at least a nod to science in the film, but I suspect that the “scientific process” would be abandoned in the interest of maximizing the entertainment value and thus the sell-ability of the film.

  2. I would debate the “Pons and Fleishman” example. There is lots of evidence that these guys were railroaded. Two serious scientists who provided evidence but were later blackballed because of it. This is still ongoing. I don’t have an opinion either way but it seems to me that these guys were treated unfairly!

  3. Hi all,

    I’m new here but find this enlightening and entertaining. I watch Monster Quest almost with a sense of oh no not again now. It would seem impossible for them to find anything since they appear never to be looking in the first place. The Snell Grove Lake fiasco was amazing to the point that I now think Dr. Jeff Meldrum is purely in this for the money/fame. I cannot believe that someone with this level of education and experience continues in the belief that giant furry sort of humans exist among us while leaving only footprints and photographs taken with really bad cameras. I will watch for future posts and comment to the extent that I can. I have no relevent education in these matters but I met a member if the BFRO and that got me on the trail so to speak.

    1. That’s a great point. They seem to schedule a short out-of-season weekend to do an investigation. It’s so naive but yet they take themselves so seriously. For many viewers, it’s laughable.

  4. 4/11/2010 Monster Quest aired an episode on giant pythons that had escaped from private owners and are now breeding southern Florida and actually came across a small python measuring four feet and another one in the road that measured about 10 feet. These are expected to reach maybe as large as 20 feet in some instances in length. So, there are some things that come true as this episode showed on Monster Quest

    1. I saw that one. It was decent information and they got lucky to actually find one. It seemed they planned rather well. However, the drama was a bit over the top.

      I thought this was a good topic for the show, but would not say it is cryptozoological at all. Non-native animals were documented by local and even federal agencies.

  5. I find myself to be quite disappointed in the canceling of the show. I find the show to be entertaining even though it can be redundant. Even though they did not spend enough time in certain places, and more often then not ended up with a lack of evidence, does not mean they did not have both internal and external validity in all of the experiments that were conducted. There are not many shows that I know of that look at crypto type creatures with the entertainment factor. I wish it would have not been canceled. One of the angles I would have taken with the trail cams is leaving them there for 6 months. That would greatly increase the chances of finding something. Simple things that could have made the show that much better…IMHO.

    1. I disagree on the validity of their experiments, when they do experiments. For example, I’m not convinced the instruments they use are valid for the conclusions they draw. And I don’t see any content- or criterion-related evidence of validity represented. Mostly, they focus on the qualitative and take subjective evidence at face value. Let me know more about your views on the validity of their approach.

      I’d say it’s obviously like this because it is an entertainment show that isn’t structured to capture the long, messy, drawn out procedures of science. So, when you say you wish they left the cameras longer – that’s exactly right! I agree! But, the producers aren’t thinking this way. They think in episodes and for entertainment value.

  6. I don’t want to sound like an idiot, but has anyone considered the fact that if a show like Monster Quest actually DID find something, it could be very well possible that the government would keep it from being published, in fear of widespread panic?

    As others said before, I also think that Monster Quest is all about entertainment.. not about real scientific expeditions. They lack the time, the equipment and the expertise to really find something that matters.

    But yeah… how awesome it would be if a new show came along… A show with a team of true experts, that remain on the same spot until they find the thing they’re looking for.. No, I’m not talking about Finding Bigfoot, because that’s just hilarious.

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