Sharon A. Hill

Independent researcher, Geologist, author, and science communicator with 25+ years of research and writing about anomalous natural phenomena, paranormal beliefs in society, paranormal popular culture, pseudoscience, science and society, cryptozoology, Forteana, and geologic topics.

Author of Scientifical Americans (McFarland, 2017)

Being Scientifical

My 2017 book was the first and only (so far) book to examine amateur paranormal researchers and how they attempt to use science to investigate ghosts, cryptids, UFOs and other paranormal claims.

Spooky Geology

My unique website and media channel about the intersection of paranormal or supernatural concepts and geological sciences. Also a YouTube channel. Topics include earth mysteries, alternative geology, paranormal places, unusual features and objects, and dangers.

Pop Goes the Cryptid

Website exploring the movement of cryptozoology from the original scientific ideas about “hidden animals” to 21st century social media. Observations on weird animal reports, popular cultural representations and the consumer landscape.

Nessie runs the (cancelled) 2020 Loch Ness Marathon

You can interact with me via Mastodon or email

Available for interviews related to weird news, spooky geology, paranormal themes, and Forteana.

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