I was noticing something…

First the Sasquatch music festival, now RockNess.


Besides their use in TV and print advertising, famous cryptids are being associated with not only local fairs and events but also big name music festivals. I suspect it’s because it helps with tourism
to the area, but also cryptids make for fine, fine logos. You can’t help but love them and want to buy tee shirts and stuffed toys…

Here are some absolutely adorable cryptids from the artwork of Several Shades of Why by J. Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.). I want this poster cause that just rocks in all sorts of ways.

2023 Update: These are “Pop Cryptids”.

2 thoughts on “Cryptids in music-related logos

  1. There is a minor league baseball team in VT that uses Champ as a logo. UFOs and aliens are used for a similar purpose in Nevada and New Mexico.

    This last week, as I was traveling through Pennsylvania, I saw a brochure at the welcome center for some sort of trail/group of merchants that have adopted Bigfoot (complete with blurb about the creature and recounting sightings) as their symbol. I’ve got it at home, have been meaning to mention it.

    I’ve also got a photo somewhere of an outdoor recreation park or somesuch that uses the Murphysboro Mud Monster (a brief 1970s version of Bigfoot, think Boggy Creek or MoMo) as its logo, in Southern Illinois.

    I assume you’ve seen the blog I Love the Yeti?


    1. Ha! Hadn’t seen that website but love it!

      I was sticking to events and music festivals because cryptids are all over products, local businesses and teams. My favorite are the NJ Devils but who sort of fail to use the logo to it’s ultimate.

      Of course the whole “Messin with Sasquatch” campaign was so awesome visually and so funny that I could not name the product they were selling!

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