When I was little, my mom loved the show In Search Of… It was my first introduction to paranormal topics and also to Leonard Nimoy, believe it or not (which reminds me of another show that first introduced me to Jack Palance).

In Search Of… was so influential to my interest in paranormal topics. It was where I saw the Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot film. It was where I first saw the famous Loch Ness monster photos. It was where I heard about the Bermuda Triangle and Amelia Earhart. It was my primer to all these topics I still think about and write about today.

Well now, it’s out on DVD. 152 episodes on 21 discs. 63 hours!

I hope it comes out on Netflix so I can rent it. Not 63 hours of it but maybe just to reminisce  I’m a bit weirded out to watch it again. Will it be as cheezy and hoaky as I expect? I think it will bring back a flood of memories. I’ve learned so much about this subject and so much has changed since the 70s when they were made. But, scientifically, NOT THAT MUCH has changed. We STILL don’t have any significantly better answers to the questions of Bigfoot, lake monsters and ghosts. That says a lot.

5 thoughts on “In Search Of… my first exposure to the paranormal

  1. I have recently bought a slew of the old 1970’s monster & ancient astronaut movies. It scratches my nostalgia itch, but also astonishes me that 30 years later the proponents of discredited theories are pumping out new documentaries with THE SAME EXACT CONTENT! The only thing that’s changed is that the new stuff is in HD and that Tsoukalos has paranormal hair.

    But I must admit that I really do want this series on DVD for the same nostalgic reasons. Especially the “Jack the Ripper” and ghost episodes.

  2. I loved this show! I still think it’s way cool. Full of BS, but so good. Mystery mongering in its finest! Leonard Nimoy was perfect for the host. Incidentally, Rod Serling was to be the host, but he died before the show went into production.

    YouTube has several full episodes available for viewing. I’ve watched several recently and it still feels good and creepy. And provides plenty of good laughs.

    Why I recall the episode about the Count of St. Germain, the man who would not die. No one knew how old he was. He looked forty, but he would tell tales of the ancient past with such detail you would swear he was there! Amazing!

    Leonard says with a straight face, “But where was he actually from? Portugal, Egypt… (pause for effect)…Atlantis?” Sure, Atlantis, why not?

    How brilliant is that?! And the electronic musical score is terrific. I agree, I hope Netflix offers this series.

  3. I love that the MonsterTalk intro uses some Nimoy in the Bigfoot episode. I always have to rewind and listen to their intro a few times before I can proceed further.

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