Oh, dear. Out of the news loop for a day or two and another Bigfoot sighting comes along.

This time, it was reported very close to me. I don’t know exactly where because the location is not revealed except to generally say “Appalachian Trail”. The Appalachian Trail cuts through the center of Dauphin County along the mountains north of Harrisburg. It’s quite beautiful and wooded with an overabundance of white-tailed deer and a healthy supply of black bear (maybe even a stray mountain lion or two but odds are long for that). Most of the PA Bigfoot sightings have been in the southwest portion of the state, more than 100 miles away from the capital area, beyond the mighty Susquehanna.

This particular sighting has more than one giant red flag fluttering around it that crossed my arms, raised my eyebrow and sent my doubt soaring. Hmmp. 1. Biscardi; 2. Biscardi; 3. Biscardi; 4. the photo/video is just another blobsquatch, and 5. Come on, another anecdote with no supporting evidence! Puh-leeze.


Sure, sure, the eyewitness was scared. But I will bet you the video does not show anything of value.

Bigfoot video/photos are not worthy evidence. They have been hoaxed and misinterpreted so many times (one could argue ALL the time) they are not reliable. New animals get identified by type specimens which means physical remains have been recovered and studied. Trace evidence exists for Bigfoot – hair, foot prints, hand prints – but none is very convincing. Pictures, even video is practically useless unless you are the gullible media.

As we saw from Biscardi’s last episode (Georgia Bigfoot hoax), he might be convinced by a hairy suit with dentures stuffed in a freezer with roadkill guts. I can not take him seriously. How can he say this is “the real deal” when all there is is grainy footage of a blob? This guy is an undying optimist. He is not a scientist. He acts like a salesman. Therefore, when he steps in, walk away. Walk away quickly, before the whole thing starts to smell.

There’s not been much discussion about this particular incident at this time. It is only showing up on one local news channel and they did a rather credulous job, although they did get a chuckle out of it. I get the impression that since the Halloween ghost stories are over, they are looking for some new “human interest” tales to get opinions flying around their site. They admit as much. But, they simply gave too much air time to a story so insubstantial.

I enjoyed the photo analysis put up by the Bigfoot Lunch Club here.

Fakety fake fake, once again. After all the time spent looking for this poor, forlorn creature, we can’t do better than this? A clump of moss hanging from a tree? Well, whatever it is, it’s rather pathetic and it’s not science. It’s hardly even worth a laugh.

2 thoughts on “New PA bigfoot sighting? Set your skeptical flags flying.

  1. Hi Big ugly covered with hair and smells bad. I have real pictures my mother in law is a bigfoot and she even goes to the Mall like everything is OK. Alright now that the jokeing part is over did you see the history channel bigfoot program where they got DNA from a remote cabin in Northern Ontario? It was 1 base pair differnet than human and our closest known relative Chimps is 238 base pairs different. I am always sceptical of such things and believe extroidinary claims demand extroidinary evidence. DNA is in my view extroidinary evidence and its science not someones opinion. Thanks Dennis McKee Beaver Falls, Pa.

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