This is a list of TV shows (series) that portray the paranormal as real or examine it as possibly real. Some are reality-type shows, some are documentaries. (Therefore, I have also included some shows on here of a skeptical nature.) I realize that some are not wholly paranormal-themed but they contain an element that suggests a particular subject or event is beyond that which is currently accepted in the scientific community. The line can be blurry.

The purpose of the list was to look for trends and copycat shows.

Sharon Hill’s Ultimate Paranormal TV list

This list ended 2017. It is no longer updated.

If citing, please provide credit to Sharon Hill at this web URL.

158 thoughts on “Paranormal TV show listing

  1. I hate, make that HATE, these “Ghost hunters” type of shows. They all consist of people filmed in night-vision going, “Did you hear that?” or “What was that?” Show me some conclusive proof. I am open-minded and do take some things on faith, but these shows are just garbage. Educate us on folklore or legends of old, not how creaky a settling house is.

    1. I share your irritation. Check out the rest of the site and see why. They do a real disservice to portraying investigation and science. It warps the public’s view if they do not have the tools or background to tell what has merit and what is bullshit. The point of this list was to see when “reality” type stuff came into it’s own and what came before.

      1. I am now a new fan. Bad Astronomer turned me on to you and while I would like to be a believer in Bigfoot, Jersey Devil, UFO’s and many other things, I need PROOF. Not blurry video or secondhand stories, real scientific proof by SCIENTISTS. I am also not a fan of “Reality TV” to begin with so these shows double irk me.
        Living in the mountains of western NC and traveling the world as a military brat then a serviceman myself, I have seen some strange things that scared me all the way to the mens room, but I am not a scientist, so it was probably “Fight or Flight” reactions. Anyway, good blog, subscribed here and twitter, @TB2942MH blog is tb2942. Thanks for some good reading tonight

    2. HATE seems a bit strong, you make a statement that includes a huge generalisation unless you really have seen al the shows. I can tell you about episodes that give more proof of ghosts than I need.

      1. Sorry that you count on TV for your view of reality. I have something to tell you… It’s not.

    3. The first couple of shows are hilarious, though. “Investigators” go into an old, deteriorating, drafty building in the middle of the night, turn out all the lights, and beg ghosties to “give (them) a sign.” At the first creak or draft, they hightail it outside, shrieking. I keep imagining the embarrassed ghost, watching them go, saying, “But…but…you asked…”

    4. If you actually believe this is so, then why don’t you include all the other major TV news stations and media outlets in your media guide to scepticism? Why don’t you include CNN, ABC, CBS, BBC, ITV, SKY, Fox News (sorry Fox opinions also owned by the Sun newspaper group / Murdoch) the Express, the Telegraph, or any of the other major corporate owned media outlets…. Why only a select few, mostly Russian news agencies from what I can see and the usual small time suspects.

      The fact is “ALL” news stories need to be cross checked for any kind of accuracy.
      as most media outlets are following someone’s political agenda.

      As an example:
      Fox News that stated as fact, that Birmingham, Bradford
      and other major cities in England and Europe where “no go areas” due to Muslim extremism.
      Which I can state after living in both of these cities a total load of rubbish.

      NBC anchor Brian Williams has finally been suspended without pay amid a firestorm of criticism over false claims he was inside a helicopter that was gunned down over Iraq.

      etc….. 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t put River Monsters on that list. There is a lot of focus on local folklore, but it’s always attributed to animals that actually exist.

    1. Great List, Anyone know any shows that are on the level of paranormal witness and A Haunting? Ive tried some of the ones listed here but they are nowhere near as good.

    2. Agree. The show starts out with “There are reports of a fish/creature/whatever,” and photos of bite marks, but then he goes fishing for the critter, yoinks it out of the water, and gives viewers a good look at it. The creatures are quite remarkable, but completely natural. “Monster” is a reference to the animals’ extreme adaptations, not anything supernatural.

    1. “River Monsters” is not a paranormal program, though he will mention the folklore of locals at times. Likewise, please remove “Expedition Unknown”– Josh’s newer program is a travel program, exploring locations with legends, but always leaning towards the natural explanation for mysteries, and mentioning folklore in a respectful way. It was his first program, “Destination Truth” on SyFy which investigated the paranormal, such as ghosts, monsters, and the occasional UFO. To say nothing of the elves!

      1. I include skeptical programs on here too. So it’s the subject matter, not the attitude. ANYTHING about monsters will be included.

  3. River monsters appears to be a mistake. The only one involving cryptozoology I have seen was about a lake monster purported to be (details tedius) through “Sightings” and “Physical proof” the bloke came up with a possible suspect & caught it. This is the exact opposite of a show “Portraying paranormal as reality”. It’s looking at the ‘monster’ and debunking it as natural.

  4. River Monsters ? Really ? I’ve seen every episode and they’ve never (to my recollection) referred to the supernatural as nonfiction.

  5. river monsters doesn’t belong on this list, it’s just a fishing show, nothing paranormal or cryptozoological about it, trust me i’ve seen every episode

    1. Children of the Grave looks to be a documentary, not a series? Any more info on that to clarify?

  6. Regarding River Monsters: I did add this because of the folklore element (which gets a bit paranormal but not “supernatural”, just outside the “normal” range). However, I left off Beast Legends which does the opposite by focusing on JUST folklore animals. I’m going to add a little more background on this to help clarify. But thanks to those who commented!

    1. i love your site and your list, wish there really was proof of something crazy out there instead of just the crazy fools saying “what was that” over and over again. Do you know of any shows that are based a little more around reality?

    2. This is absolutely the best list I could ever hope to imagine to view. It has absolutely everything I could think of

    1. I used to watch that every week! But they did more magic tricks than express that they had real paranormal powers.

  7. I never saw the James Randi show you list here, but going by Randi’s reputation he is a debunker and has never touted the paranormal as real.

  8. I used to know someone that worked on the show “In Search Of…”. He told me that the crew called it “Don’t You Believe It!”

  9. This all seems like a rather frightening descent into ignorance. With science in schools deteriorating, kids watching an increasing amount of television at home (at least as far as I’m aware) and more shows like this being presented under the guise of proper research, it is so very important for skepticism to make its way to younger generations. I work with people who take the ghost hunting shows seriously and it is mind boggling. There was a show on the history channel last night about hauntings… I wish I were surprised by it. It was during Easter with a crowd of people so I didn’t catch all of it, but nothing I saw indicated an attempt at rationality.

    While any network is bad, seeing these shows on Discovery, History, Travel Channel and Nat Geo is utterly disheartening and infuriating. It makes rational people have to be that much more cautious and work that much harder to separate fact from nonsense (not that this paranormal subject matter is particularly difficult).

    Even just looking at the chronological order and quantity progression is sad. I’ve not seen most of them, but are there any good skeptical shows to counter the nonsense? The titles don’t suggest much hope, but Randi’s show is a nice beacon (though unfortunately long gone).

    And here I thought the constant rain in Indiana was depressing…

    1. Will: It does seem that way but I think we have the ability to be better informed than ever, we just have to know which sources to go to for reasonable information. Because beliefs play into these subjects quite heavily, people don’t always want reasonable info, but what feeds into their belief. These amateur mystery investigations shows and “stories” shows play into that.

      I know what you mean about people taking them seriously; they think this is legitimate research and science. That’s seriously concerning. There are a few skeptical shows and some hat were less awful than others but spooky sells. I hope some day accuracy is valued over drama and speculation. But, I doubt that. Meanwhile, you point out flaws and hope someone is listening.

  10. Thanks for this list! Most of these shows I have never heard of and will eagerly seek out. I love the old “In Search Ofs…”

  11. I’d consider adding the Derren Brown Investigates TV shows over here in the UK. Although they are more a series of one-offs rather than an actual series. Great viewing.

    1. Hmm. Is it like the “Most Haunted Live” episodes – something that comes on regularly?

  12. Hello

    I´m trying to find a Paranormal television show that I saw a few years ago, around 2007-2009 or so. Its about 3 people (2 guys and a girl) that drives around America (i think) searching for haunted places. 1 guy and the girl checks out the place with cameras on their heads, with one camera recording their eyes and shows how they react. The other guy sits in the back of the car with computers that are recording everything. After the hunt is complete they go through the material together. The computer-guy uses programs to enhance any sightings they have recorded. I’d be very happy if someone could tell me the name of that show 🙂

    1. Hello Anon, The show you’re describing is called “Haunted Highway(s)” and Jack Osbourne is the host.

  13. The name of the show is “Ghost Hunt” by New Zealand TV Networks. It’s by far the most genuine and scary paranormal or spirit hunting show I’ve seen. Strangely, it is not well known to many. I do hope there will be making Season 2.

  14. One of he best ghost/paranormal series in my opinion is a show called ‘Haunted Britain’. A bit older than the rest but GREAT story-telling and re-creations, the shows where they run around squealing and saying ‘what was that what was that’ bug me, this show you just sit back and listen to the narrators deep, calm voice n get sucked in and freaked out

  15. You simply cannot disregard the mountainous evidence of the supernatural. Countless testimonies to the fact that peoples lives were genuinly affected, and sometimes ruined (broken marriages, families..). Forget the clowns on television doing investigations. I focus on shows like Animal Planets “The Haunted,” and “Celebrity Ghost Stories” which give first hand accounts to supernatural occurrences. Some may be embellishing, and some may be completely dishonest, but you cannot rule all accounts as hoaxes. then you must ask yourself, what are these people truly experiencing? I will tell you that what people are truly experiencing, if at all, is demonic activity manifesting in many ways. I myself was the victim of repeated demonic attacks back in the 80’s but have since received the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior.
    Dont be foolish, saying that “I have never experience anything paranormal, therefore it doesnt exist.” Many of the stories told on these programs are from persons who were completely skeptical until it happened to them.

    1. They are TV shows.
      There is not mountainous evidence of the supernatural other than people’s stories. There used to be mountainous evidence of witchcraft too. Not worth anything. You can’t scientifically test the supernatural – its not natural, thus, not testable.
      Testimony means nothing. People misinterpret, are wrong, make mistakes, exaggerate and lie.

      And… anyone who mentions “Lord Jesus Christ as Savior” can just spare the typing and go somewhere else. I’ve thought through that. Take it elsewhere.

    2. I realise this comment is almost a year old now, but I feel compelled to add a logical argument against your case. I assume that your faith dictates you denounce all Gods other than your own, therefore are you not implying that several billion people (those of other religions) are wrong in their beliefs? Apply the same logic, the logic you yourself live by, to belief in the supernatural and you’ve just cancelled out that supposed “mountainous evidence” you claim exists.

  16. By your theory the supernatural cannot exist because it cannot be scientifically tested,
    i think your wrong,just because nobody has found a viable way to test any theory on the supernatural or paranormal -do’s not mean it do’snt exist it just means nobody has looked in the right place yet.
    i am a firm believer in the supernatural and the paranormal,
    i think science is fun and the way forward,without science people would still think the world was flat and you could cure a headache by bashing a hole in your skull,
    even a scientist has to admit there are things in this world that cannot be explained or theorised you cannot say something do’s not exist just because you cannot explain or,rationlise it,

    1. It’s not my “theory”, it’s definitions. If the supernatural is beyond natural laws, it’s beyond science. So, we simply can’t test it or know it or predict it.

      The only way you can accept it is to believe. I chose not to believe too much just for fun. At least not important stuff.

      1. perhaps the ‘supernatural’ IS within natural laws, we just dont know how to explane it yet… for example static electricity would have been ‘supernatural’ thousands of years ago before scientist understood friction… it was theorized that phlogiston was released in combustion reactions, which accounted for the loss of mass, which we know now as oxidization.

        did you know that our bodies radiate distinctive EMF’s which change upon our feelings and health, and that they can influence other people… that sounds a bit like the ‘supernatural’ belief in auras and energies… food for though.

      2. You misunderstand a lot about science. And we’ve come a long way from phlogiston. Most of the big things about natural laws have been discovered already. Sorry but that EMF changing fields thing is nonsense. That is a completely made up idea with no evidence.

      3. I think we need to move towards saying people have subjective paranormal experiences and working towards understanding why they have those experiences, which can be studied using science (and I think we have seen this from people such as Dr. Chris French, Dr. Jason Braithwaite, Dr. Caroline Watt and others). Many people report many experiences and therefore it would seem like a worthwhile endeavor.

  17. There’s a saying for people who feel something is worth believing in now just because it could be proven to exist in the future…

    …it’s called “Wishful Thinking”.

  18. Oh gosh, that would be quite the undertaking. I developed this list over a few months and keep adding to it. I was interested in their portrayal as “real” and as “science” especially. So, I’m not as interested in the fictional portrayals which I suspect would be a HUGE list, and a bit more ambiguous. Munsters, Scooby Doo, Adaams Family, I Dream of Genie, etc.

  19. What was that show that Mellisa Ethrage hosted back in the 90’s I believe about miracles?

      1. It is called Beyond Chance hosted by Mellisa Ethrage. This is one of the best.

  20. If someone could help me identify this show, I would be very appreciative.

    I watched it about 7 or 8 years ago. It might have been a night terrors episode of a paranormal documentary type of show. It was about a person who was being terrorized at night and a sort of exorcism is performed. A person goes around the room and says a prayer while recording it on a voice recorder. Nothing unusual is heard during the prayer. However, when he listens back to the tape, when he mentions the word “God” you hear this horrible screaming on the recorder. Does anyone have any memory of this show?

  21. The Canadian Broadcasting Company came to the.U.K.about 12 years ago to film strange mysteries of Britain.The name of the programme I’m not sure of?.I was involved in the programme.The specific story was about two metal detectorist who at night were detecting a Roman site in Leighton,Shropshire.The story the sound of war like yells and charging horses.There were no horses in the field it was a wheat field.The two tried to leave the site the but were confronted by an impenetrable invisible barrier which prevented them from fleeing the scene.Was it the ghosts of the Legions?I was promised a copy of the programme,but never received it!.My 15 minutes of fame lost forever.Unless you know better?

    1. I distinctly remember that story from an episode of Fortean TV presented by Lionel Fanthorpe. I’d like to be able to tell you which episode, but I chanced upon this while trying to find out.

  22. What a fantastic comprehensive list. I’ll be using it to fill some gaps in my collection.
    Thank you for this achievement.

  23. anywhere where i can these shows with a rating? I cant be done with people
    s ghost stories, i wanna see people getting out there and gathering evidence. i enjoy destination truth and ghost adventures. i don’t like chip coffey (rude) and i think the haunted collector is just a con-man blatantly burgling people for his ‘museum’.
    Ive just watched ‘ghost mine’ and it’s alright actually, i’ve only seen the first two eps but it’s not bad at all.
    thank you

  24. Sensing Murder (NZ and Aus) versions were fantastically entertaining, but the US was were just plain EMBARASSING!

  25. I agree that another – a second – list of fictional paranormal series would be a great thing to have…this is a good start, though, and it is an impressively comprehensive list. Nice to have like-minded folks out there.

  26. Ghostwatch Live was first aired on 31st October 1992 & then banned. I’m afraid the date of 2001 is wrong.

  27. There have been some others, …Lisa Williams and John Edwards are both psychics who had their own shows some years ago, and there was another show dealing with a psychic who healed animals (I didn’t think it was the ‘Pet Psychic’ show you list, but I could be wrong…) I do appreciate your list. I also agree that most of the ‘ghost hunting’ shows are BORING, though I felt ‘Paranormal State’ offered something more than the others and was sad to see it go. I also think that one can only ‘debunk’ specific occurrences; there are mysteries of a paranormal and supernatural nature that will possibly never be ‘proven’ one way or another. Big deal – I honor mystery.

    1. Paranormal State was potentially one of the most harmful shows on TV. Any show that promotes the idea that you have demons in your house is, frankly, unethical. Interesting, yes. But horrendous in its own way. And worse, it appealed to young adults and gave the impression the group was affiliated with the university and serious research which it CLEARLY was NOT.

      Sorry but “honor mystery” makes no sense to me. I can enjoy and appreciate it but honor is not an appropriate word.

  28. I’m not sure if any readers will know of the tv series I’m describing. It’s an European (no idea what language, I was too young to figure that out) tv series aired during 1998/99 that had supernatural and crime elements to it. It’s about a boy or young adult male with the ability to see spirits after a near-death incident. He starts helping the spirit of a murder/rape victim identify who her serial killer was. The serial killer’s trademark was to rip the earring from the victim’s ear (very vague details here…). I’ve been searching for this and I’m almost giving up 🙁 I know there’s very little to go with so if no one knows, it’s ok 🙂

  29. Yea just letting you know, a new paranoramal series from Australia called ‘Australia’s Most Haunted’ is in production now. Rob. J

  30. Thank you for keeping this list up to date. It’s been very helpful over the years and much appreciated. I’ve had it bookmarked for a while now.

    I prefer watching the biographic-type paranormal shows. I’m sure they stretch the truth to make the stories more interesting. But that’s ok with me. They capture my attention and have some creep-factor too. Awesome entertainment, and makes me imagine myself in that situation. What what I do?

    The investigative shows, however, are supposed to be seeking out hard evidence and it’s been a while since I’ve seen a good one. All we have are shows like Deep South Paranormal, which I find more goofy than investigative. These types of shows like Haunted Encounters: Face to Face rely almost entirely on EVP sessions and blurry night vision. That show was so boring to me and looked way too staged. Ghost Lab was probably one of my favorite investigative shows. Ghost Mine was good too. I hope they bring it back for season 2.

    For the biographic-type shows I really enjoy the new Alien Mysteries. It is very well done. A little drawn out, but better than most, nonetheless. I like the MUFON testimony. Not sure if it’s still on though.

    There is a new show on right now that is not on your list called My Haunted House. It is well done. I’d say it’s a cross between A Haunting (latest season) and Paranormal Witness. It’s nowhere near A Haunting season 1-3, which to me is the best of the best, but the camera work is great and worth a look for anyone looking to fill that ghost show void.

    idoubtit (I assume you are the creator of this list) – If you have any other recommendations for newer series (or past favorites), please share 🙂

  31. This list is great!! But I have to say Paranormal State AND Children of the Grave was an awesome show/documentary. The Booth Brothers need to continue sharing their experiences!! Whether or not people think many of the shows are corny or harmful, everyone has the right to their opinion but mine will be River Monsters doesn’t belong on this list…again – my opinion! Anyway keep up the good work! Enjoy your show!!! 🙂

  32. If it could be arranged for you to go on an “Investigation” with the Travel Channels Ghost Adventures team, at no expense to you; Would you go for it and explain or rather “Debunk” any Electronic Voice Phenomena, or other attempts at spirit communication, as well as Video or other Photographic “Evidence”? You could even be involved in the final editing, I’d love to finally have a skeptics “Scientific Analysis” of these “Paranormal” incidents if you can come up with one. I’m a huge skeptic myself and have tried to “Debunk” EVPs for several years now but I’m at a loss to explain how I get direct answers to questions on a digital voice recorder whilst in a Faraday Cage.

    Getting back to the original question, please reply because I’m pretty sure it can be arranged.

    1. I don’t pretend to have the expertise to debunk that stuff. It takes specific knowledge to understand how it works. Ghost TV shows are edited extensively to show a good story. It would be worthless to go on to participate in an investigation. They do entertainment, not science.

  33. I’m seeing a pattern here. Like the moderator mentions, there are too many legit channels (Discovery, History Channel, Nat Geo, among others) forwarding questionable fodder to their viewers, when it is nothing more than interesting filler for programming! Simple as that! It does, however, pique the interest of “hunters”, paranormal “tourists”, and even skeptics to see some of these spots for themselves, probably to the delight of individual home owners and various business owners who claim to be haunted or have seen and heard “strange things”. Whether proof of the paranormal exists or not isn’t of much importance, but the royalties and spin-offs and the cash of gullible consumers and passers-by certainly is! The circus carny has a new job description–paranormal investigator!

    Make no mistake about it, paranormal researchers and psychics, etc., as well as the proprietors they investigate do get some “payback” for their TV spots. It’s in their best interest to appear distressed or mystified, even when they have their own doubts about what they perceive. Makes for good TV.

    Those who take these shows too seriously, even if they’ve never experienced anything out of the ordinary themselves, should be aware of these shenanigans. For those who insist there’s supernatural and paranormal things out there–speaking from their own experiences–the rest of us can only question your understanding of the world we share, and hope that logic, a firm grasp of the laws of science and proper methodology, and some clear, up-close and unaltered photographs / videos will help you (and us) out. That, or stop taking the drugs you currently do and start taking the ones that won’t alter your perceptions and thoughts. Prescription or otherwise…

    I’ve often said to colleagues and workmates who are faithful to a religion that I have no real bias against their faith or beliefs, since I’ve understood it to be something learned (usually from a very early age) to the point of being hard-wired and, overall, culturally ingrained. Inevitably, I come to the conclusion–to stave off further argument–that “faith is above logic”. My tongue at that point becomes firmly planted, cheek-wise.

  34. Thanks for the post me and my wife are always looking for new and old shows to watch with this tone. I experienced something 8 years ago and always kept my interest since. Think a few shows are missing thought.

    The ghost inside my child << Great show, very well done
    I'll haunt you when I'm Dead << decent, only one episode it seems maybe a pilot
    Alien encounters << Pilot, seems like my ghost story episode

    i'm sure there's more but that's what I've found outside this box. If you know more please post!

  35. Just want to say how utterly awful this program sounds “Meatloaf Rocks the Paranormal”. Something tells me it will never get out of development.

  36. There was a show a few years ago that i watched. It had Rachel Hunter and 3 or 4 other people who went into an insane asylum in Pennsylvania ? and they had to several tasks there. A young girl who had been in there had had a lobotomy and she was later found in her cell dead. While they were in the basement of this institution they were chased by a ghost. It’s the scariest Paranormal show I ever saw but I can’t remember the name of it. Any one know which show I’m referring to?

  37. umm, no offense, but that sounds REALLY boring. Do you mean you want to watch a half hour or hour long episode of someone sitting on a floor? Most shows show how they setup, you can use your imagination and figure out its a lot of work. People want to see evidence, not a lack of.

    1. Thanks, I’m downloading now it. I’ve watched all other episodes and they were pretty interesting.
      I wish they would use a bit more “actual footage” though.

  38. Does anyone remember a reality show that aired on Spike TV (I think) several years back. It had an attractive blonde cryptozoologist who traveled around in her RV and I think wrote diary entries at the end of each show. I though that she might’ve had a first name like Chance of Destiny or something like that, but now I think that she had a last name like “Strange”, and that made believe that maybe the show might have been called “Strange Encounters”, but I can’t find anything matching that. Any ideas?

    1. I believe you mean “Mysterious Encounters” with Autumn Williams. It aired on OLN in 2004. And I didn’t have it on the list but I actually did watch a few episodes.

  39. I can’t remember the name of the show but 3 people who know each other enter the show and they go to a haunted location for 5 days or so they call it a week and every week that the show is on three different people go to a different location does anybody know the name of the show?

  40. Wow, great research on the list… good job! I would add “Real Scary stories” ABC Family Channel.

  41. I love your list. It’s got almost every show I’ve ever watched with a paranormal theme. I do have to say, I feel the “reality” based shows that have crept up over the past 5 or 6 years has ruined quality programing in this genre. I watched Ghost Hunters the first season and realized it didn’t have the entertainment quality as the reenactment type series that started with shows like One Step Beyond. All of these series are to be taken with a grain of salt. It’s mainly for entertainment purposes…for you to believe or not. I also enjoyed the Canadian series, Ghostly Encounters. Where the actual witness is telling their story with actors portraying the experience. I do hope they keep coming back with all of these paranormal type series.

  42. What a great site you have here. I have noticed that this year (2014) it seems like a lot of the shows I used to watch have been cancelled. Long Island medium and The Dead Files are the only decent ones left I enjoy. I was disappointed that Haunted Collector was not renewed. Just my opinion but thought I’d share. Hope we get some good new shows to replace what’s been lost.

  43. Even as a skeptic, you might agree the entertainment value can be pretty good, especially when a story is interpreted with CGI effects. Or not, if all a series ever shows is investigators plodding around in- or outdoors with IR or night cameras rolling nonstop. Always get a chuckle from the odd noises interpreted on EVPs as voices from beyond. Doesn’t “matrixing” apply to audio as well as visual? That fart could be my dead Auntie saying “Hello”!

  44. Anyone know what was the name of the tv show used to air on sundays before fact and fiction?It was a similar tv show

  45. This is incredible; so much so I had to express my gratitude, and I rarely emerge from lurking enough to waste my time and anonymity to do so. Thanks so much!

  46. I believe Ghostly Encounters was also canceled some time ago. I have not seen anything new for them in quite some time.

  47. Hello every one. I am looking for a tv show I saw about 5 years ago (I think) and I just can’t remember the name of this show. I was zapping that night and was fascinated by this tv show I found out by chance. As the documentary was already started I didn’t see the name of the program and moreover the channel where it was broadcast at that time has been cancelled lately here in France. Here are the informations I remember (so freshly… I’ve been so obsessed with this program for years now).

    – it was an american tv show for sure
    – 2 mediums (a man and a woman) were given a sealed envelop in which there was the picture of a guy who had disapeared years ago (in the 80’s). The two mediums couldn’t open the envelop. The two mediums never met and both were seeing/guessing the same elements. They found out that it was a dead guy. They both saw (or heard as the dead guy talked to them actually) he was named TONY and finally both guessed he had been killed a night after a big party in a bar. He was drunk and may be one of his jalous friend killed him and burried him in a area both mediums at last met together. The guy had a relationship with a girl that was married or some kind of story…
    – that was a documentary not a fiction.
    – it was really fascinating for a skeptic like me

    I would soooo love someone could tell me the name of this show so I can see it again. I told so many time this story to my friends and googled so many times to find out by myself but … nothing.

    Please please help me and sorry for my bad english 🙂

    1. Alain,
      Not sure if you found your answer, but I think I know the show you are inquiring about. The show was called, Haunting Evidence. I watch so many of these shows, but I remember this one in particular because it featured John J. Oliver, who we once had a reading by. I hope this helps.

  48. i think it may be sensing murder you are looking was a new Zealand program to begin with but America also made it as it was so popular

  49. Thanks for replying first.
    I googled “Sensing Murder” and I’ve found the summaries of episodes on wikipedia. Actually it is the Australian version. I tried “Sensing Murder USA” but only found 6 or 7 summaries and that don’t seem to be the story I look for… I try to remember more details… the dead guy on the picture was wearing a moustache and glasses. He was around 20’s or 30’s. He used to go out a lot in bars with friends. Mediums kept on saying he had a strong accent and was pretty strict talking… etc.

  50. Ghostly Encounters which is listed as run date 2015 is incorrect. You actually have it listed already on your list under 2005-2011 run date. It’s not a new show and was probably cancelled.

  51. I myself enjoy reenactrment ghost shows, not so much the ghost hunting type shows.
    So sad to hear that Ghostly Encounters may have been cancelled. My very favorite show is A Haunting. I wish they would make some new episodes.

    1. Have you seen Castle Ghosts of Ireland? (There’s also England, Scotland and Wales) hosted by Robert Hardy? Came out some time in the 90s, and is a pretty good watch if you like that style of ghost show.

      They get the actual people telling their stories to reenact them, which results in some very bad acting, but the stories are great.

  52. Has anyone here seen all of these shows? I remember watching a film or show in 1990 to 1992, I was a kid when I saw this, so perhaps I am incorrect on the exact details, but there was a show or film (I don’t know which), which featured a bed sheeted ghost (blue or white, without any cut out holes I think) visiting a woman, I think it was set in a hotel. Anyway, I remember the woman laying in bed, I think reading, in her pitch dark bedroom, she hears a noise, then we see some sort ghost like figure slowly making its way above two steps of stairs. As it finally approached the room, the ghost floated in the opened doorway (the hallway light was on) for a brief moment, as the woman called out something, I think the name of someone she knew, perhaps a former lover, no response, the ghost then floated towards her. The room was pitch dark, but for some strange reason, I vaguely remember a bluish hue. As it flew towards her, she screamed (can’t remember what she looked like), still laying in bed, screaming and fussing trying to kick it away with her covered legs, the ghost did nothing, but floated up at her constantly moving its head. I think it wanted to attack her, perhaps revenge, but couldn’t, no hands or feet. Now, for quite a long time, I have been trying to find this out, but no luck. It is not Halloween (80s), Beetle Juice), the Entity, or the Woman in Black (80s, though the scene is much like the scene from the film when the witch-ghost woman visited the man in his bedroom). Can anyone please tell me what this show or film was? It is driving me crazy. I know it is not Ghost Watch or Unsolved Mysteries, but perhaps something similar. Please help, thanks much.

  53. Thanks alot for this List, one favor to ask :
    Could you Pinpoint the Updated things ? 🙂 Like making red f.e. ?

  54. Hello paranormal fans!
    I just found another series that started on Destination America called Paranormal Survivor. Check it out if you get the chans:)
    May all your afterlifes be AWSOME!

  55. Wow. I love watching haunted shows. I love Kim’s show The Haunting Of, and My Haunted House. I like psychic shows too but it looks like there is not going to be much psychic or haunting shows out this yr. Really stinks.

  56. “the enfield haunting” is a 3 part mini series released this year. It is based on a british haunting from the late 70’s. It was quite well done i thought.

  57. I’m wondering if anyone remembers a kids show that aired in the morning before school, like at about 6 am about paranormal/mystery/cryptozoology etc. I remember my kids loved it. It was 30 min. It aired on one of the kid TV channels like Disney or Nickelodeon or Discovery Kids. The teen hosts introduced the stories in a dim lit room with interesting props like globes, hourglasses, books, or science things like test tubes. It may have aired around 2009 or so. Does this ring a bell?

  58. Hello,

    There are a couple of new shows out. 1. Missing in Alaska premiers July 24th on History channel. 2. My Child Sees Dead People July 24th on Destination America. Not sure if this last one is a series or a one time thing yet.

  59. thank you so much for this list,
    love 2 check out some shows. When I was 16, i became interested in the paranormal. Living in holland, they often think you’re crazy believing in “geesten en alles wat paranormaal is”(ghosts and eveything paranormal)….when i was 24 i had an experience i still not can explain… so did it make me more believe? no it just made me more curious…. when i started watching paranormal shows,i was a firm believer,, however watching more of these shows, i started to became open minded. I know most of these shows are for entertainment and i think we all have to see it like that and nothing more…untill you may have you’re own experience…. now I’m 35 and what i experienced i still not can explain, but i will keep watching… because its the best entertainment i have ever seen.. its a good laugh, its often scary, its somewhat unexplainable and serious.

  60. Although it was a short running TV show, I find it hard to believe that Lost Tapes isn’t on here. Although it wasn’t received too well by most, I personally enjoyed it, and it seems to file under this list’s requirements as it’s a horror/thriller paranormal cryptzoological show.

    1. The reason why it’s not is because I consider it more fictional than non-fiction.

      I don’t address fictional dramatic shows in this list or it would be miles long. People have really NOT been killed my mythical animals. The Lost Tapes is fabricated, like Blair Witch – also fiction.

  61. I never check lists or comments because of Internet trolls. I am really surprised how many shows are still around. Nothing has changed, they do the same thing with the same results. Use of night vision is a don’t do it, they do, voice recorders, most are rigged and that’s a no, don’t do it and none of them have ever shown a real capture. Not even the hillbilly guys who are a knock off . Turn on some lights so the audience can SEE what’s happening, do actual research with their OWN proven technology and deliver a real entity. People deserve the opportunity to see what they are paying for. Not have you heard something bit. That’s been worn out.

  62. Hi Sharon,
    I am looking for a tv show, that I can’t remember that aired approximately August through October 2015. It was about a woman who started having dreams about a house with a piano and what she thought was herself walkung upstairs with a radio in her hand. Her boyfriend ( whom she was planning to marry) bought them a house and surprised her, only it was the very house she kept seeing in her dreams. She had weird things happen in the house, like seeing what she thought was herself walking upstairs and dropping a rado into the tub and electrocuting a lady with a bath eye mask on. Her boyfriend didn’t believe it was real, so she called her mother to come stay a few days. When she is talking to her mother, her mother tells her she had a twin sister that was adopted out & killed her stepmother by electrocuting her in the tub & was placed in a mentail facility.. She asked where is my sister now, & her mother said she died last week. The girl also had her grab her ankle from under the bed, & she fell & saw her, the twin sister that was haunting her.
    Do you know the name of the show that aired this story, or the name of the girl it happened to, possibly which episode? I hope you do, as I would like to watch it again, & show it to my friend. Thanks, Sharon M.

  63. So many comments this may have been brought up, Paranormal Witness, The Haunted, A Haunting have covered the same stories from the same people but completely changed the story, one in particular in the guy who bought the TB clinic on the lake in NY and he seems like a snake, something about that guy don’t sit right with me

  64. New paranormal show coming June 2016 called Ghosts of Shepardstown on Destination America. Nick Groff from Paranormal Lockdown will be a guest.

  65. OMG, this is awesome, I’m so glad I found this column! I’d like to think I’m a rational, logical person, but I have to admit I do have my silly superstitions that I indulge in, and know there’s no rhyme or reason for it. That said, I do believe that solid science is the best method for gaining a greater understanding of the reality of this world. Ghosts, demons, and any other creepy thing will always have a place in my heart, but ultimately I appreciate the truth, and I’m always on the lookout for evidence based, methodical, peer reviewed science with good sourcing, and I think this column has strong potential =D

  66. Deadly Possessions and Ghost Brothers are out of development and have already aired a first season. Deadly Possessions is another Ghost Adventures spin off and Ghost Brothers is a team of ghost hunters that run at the first sign of activity.

  67. Deadly Possessions and Ghost Brothers are no longer in production. They have had 6 episoades each air already. There is a new show premiering June 18th called Haunted Case Files.on T+E.

  68. It seems like the shows I thought were good keep going on long hiatuses between seasons. I really liked My Haunted House but haven’t seen anything new in a while. I’m wondering, are they running out of new stories? Hopefully the interest isn’t dying out.

    1. Hopefully, they are. If this list shows anything, its that the genre is saturated with terrible shows that aren’t worth the money spent to produce them. Stories are fine for entertainment but paranormal TV has gotten way out of hand with nonsense drama.

  69. I agree. Desperation is the one note throughout as each series tries to outdo the unbelievable to reclaim followship.
    I wonder what each episode would be like without all the scripted talking points, greenscreen effects and obvious assumption that everything a host or “victims” claim is factual, when all each episode is first-observer accounts and hyperbole. Pseudoscience? There’s no science! Just an overwhelming willingness to suspend scientific, logical enquiry and go full head-on into supernatural obfuscation.
    All a host has to do is create some doubt of perception or viewers general lack of scientific background and turn something into a ghostly, demonic presence.
    It works for all religions too!

  70. There will be a new tv series coming out by the Klinge Brothers. They once had a paranormal show called Ghost Lab. The new series is GL Revolution. There are details about production etc. on “The Klinge Brothers” facebook page. Filming begins in November 2016.

    Kindred Spirits also comes out on 21/10/16 on TLC with Amy Bruni and Adam Berri formerly of Ghost Hunters.

    1. Seriously!? Ghost Lab was one of the most ridiculous and misleading ghost shows. Why revisit such crap again?!

      Thanks for the tips.

  71. This list looks a little out of date… you don’t have Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Witness, Paranormal State, Ghost Lab, Ghost Hunt, Ghost Assylum, Kindred Spirits, Haunted or that terrible show Ghost Stalkers.

  72. I notice you don’t have listed any ghost hunter type shows other than ghost hunters. Where’s Ghost Adventures or Paranormal Lockdown and others. There’s also a small not so known canadian ghost hunting team that i didn’t see on here. They’re not well known, but they have been on canadian TV i just can’t remember the name. It was comprised of a couple of canadian comedians and a psychic medium. It’s quite funny and entertaining. Does anyone remember this ghost hunting group? I believe they film out of toronto.

  73. Josh Gates has a couple of new TV shows coming this year. Not sure what exact date it just says 2017
    1.Expedition Unknown: Hunt for ExtraTerrestrials
    2.Legend Has It

    1. Thanks. I’ve added Legend Has It. The Expedition Unknown is just a spinoff miniseries of the main show. I don’t list mini-series; I try to keep to the main show.

  74. Thanks for this list. My interest is in EVP. There are real devices, an actual science behind it, and a thriving community of real investigators and theorists. But the field is still in its infancy, and among those of us who are serious about it, the problem of fluid and replicable inter-dimensional communication remains unsolved. Yet, on many of these shows, EVP devices are used and the results are phenomenal. The question is, how much of that is scripted, and how much is real? Do the producers of these shows have access to a technology that scientists don’t? Have they mastered it in ways that have not been published? Or is this all just entertainment packaging (ie. fake EVP’s)? Perhaps it’s a bit of both. I’d like to find out. Have you thought about putting together a list of contacts for these shows? I’d like to investigate.

    1. The idea of communication via technology is as old as tech itself. Not new. There are many non-paranormal explanations for EVP that are never brought to light on these shows. None of the locations are controlled AT ALL. There is no good reason to think any of these EVPs are spirit communication. The evidence is weak that they are even anomalous at all.

  75. Thank you for creating this list. I’ve been looking for something like this for years. Of course I haven’t had the time to compile such a list or even know where to begin for that matter. Thank you once again for your work.

  76. What makes a show present? I loved My Haunting House on Lifetime channel, but it hasn’t been on in like 2 years? This list however is amazing though, but a suggestion that I ask is if you could put all the present shows on the bottom of the list. So people can be on the lookout for when the newer shows come out.

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