Kicking Alex Jones off media platforms is a small step, but necessary to regaining civil discourse

ArsTechnica has an opinion piece on the removal of Alex Jones’ content from Facebook, Apple, YouTube and Spotify. A careful reading of it (and the comments, if you can steel yourself for it) shows just how very tricky the Jones-Hate Speech/Fake News business really is. Continue reading

Reactions to the Darwin Awards post: Really? These are your responses?

When you express any feelings and opinions online, no matter if girded by references and logic, you will have those commenters who must disagree, sometimes with colorful words and sentiment and often without substance. I think some people just look for ways to mouth off on Facebook when the rest of us just don’t bother to say anything. I sort of expected that my post “Why the Darwin Awards Must Die,” expressing the faulty premise of the Darwin Awards and my great dislike of them, would not be a popular sentiment. I was not in praise of it, but clearly against it and that would annoy its fans. Continue reading